Monday, 17 October 2016

October 16-22 is Digital Citizenship Week in USA.

Do you all know .......
  • How to use IMAGES on blogs?
  • What is the meaning of COPYRIGHT?

Activity 1 

Look for some relevant and worthy information in this webpage!
It will help you to undestand better these words! If you use them correctly, you are becoming a responsible digital citizen!

Activity 2

Now create your own images by using MakeBeliefsComix!
Go to!

Choose some of these words and use them in your comic strip:

  • copyright/copyright restrictions
  • violation
  • copy/paste
  • fair use
  • permission
  • all/some rights reserved
  • free and public domain images
  • creative commons
  • books, websites, blogs, photos, films, videos, songs and other visual recordings

Don't forget that your comic strip should be creative and must reproduce what you have learned about the topic IMAGES AND ATTRIBUTION!

Here is an easy tutorial to help you!

After today's class, these were the students' final comic strips:

Beatriz T. & Sofia

Beatriz & Margarida P.

Catarina & Maria

Daniel & João P. 

Diogo & Jorge

Inês & Lara

Joana & Rita 

João M. & Pedro C. 

Margarida S. & Patrícia

Maria Inês & Soraia

Pedro R. & Tomás



  1. Well done class!
    We were all very curious about Week 3 "Images and Attribution challenge" and you stand up for it. It was not an easy topic because of the amount of information but, at the end, you did it very well.

  2. Hi Ms. Paiva,
    I love those comic strips so much I showed them to my family and they loved them too. I feel very inspired and I think I'm going to make my own after this! tell me, what inspired you to do these?
    Bye and have a cake-filled day
    my blog

  3. Hi Jayden!
    We appreciated your kind words and your opinon about the strips! The students got their inspiration on Week 3 challenge, as you know!They enjoy using MakeBeliefsComix. It's quite easy and funny!
    We've visited your blog and we think it's a very good one! Your "About Me" information let us know more about your personality!Well done!
    We are going to add your blog to ours! Is that ok for you?
    Class 9B