Blogging Tips

Here are some tips when posting a comment on OUR BLOG. 
They will be very helpful!

  • Do you know the meaning of Quality Commenting on Blogs?

  • Why are comments important?

  1. Comments are an important part of our class blog.  
  2. Comments allow students, and other readers, to engage in discussions, share their thoughts and connect with your class blog.
  3. Comments transform your blog from a static space to an interactive community.

Important parts of the blogging process include encouraging students to:
1. Read other students’ posts.
2. Comment on other students’ posts.
3. Write posts in response to other students’ posts.

View this video! It will help you to get some ideas about the topic!

By the way: WHAT IS A BLOG?
Know the answer by watching the video "An introduction to blogging"!

Now visit Mrs Yollis'Classroom and find out more about the importance of having a classroom blog!

Third graders share 5 tips and tricks about how to write a quality comment! Follow their suggestions!

Nicolas Weiss has adopted Mrs Yollis' third grade class tips to his science students and shared this video with us!

I hope you can be creative and be yourself about quality comments when visiting other peoples' blogs.

BLOGGING CHALLENGE: Write a post expressing the 2 main ideas or thoughts  - in your opinion - on "How to comment...."

Use all the ideas and information shared here!


  1. Hello!
    For me the 2 main ideas to write a quality comment are:
    -Think before you post;
    -Write you own words;
    I think I must express my opinion correctly!

  2. Hello!
    For us the 2 main ideas or thoughts are: Do not include any personal information such as your last name, phone number or adress, and, Think before you post.
    Beatriz and Sofia

  3. For us, the two most important tips on quality commenting on blogs are:
    - Not to put any personal informations, including name, adress, phone number,(...);
    - Try to always be polite and not be rude and insult other people;
    That's all.
    Lara and Inês.

  4. Hello!
    In our opinion, the most important tips about blogging are:
    - Check your spelling, punctuation and general structure of your text before sending it, so you avoid writing mistakes.
    - Well-thought and creative comments are valued.
    Beatriz F. and Pedro C.

  5. Hello!
    In our opinion, to post a quality comment you have to:
    - Use complete sentences with appropriate grammar because other people will most likely view your comment and it's always good to have it;

    - Leave positive feedback and compliments because people work a lot to host a successful blog and it feels good to get nice feedback;

    Pedro and Tomás

  6. For us, the two most important information to post a comment are:
    -God sense of humor is also appreciated
    -Do NOT include any personal information such as your last name, phone number or address.
    Joana e Rita

  7. In our opinion, the two most important tips when posting a comment on a blog are:
    We must think about what we want to post to avoid any mistakes.
    We must not include personal information such as phone number or address.
    Following this tips wont let hackers attack us and they will make us do posts without mistakes on them.
    Maria Inês e Soraia

  8. Hello!
    For us, importants tips for the comment is:
    Be specific;
    having good comments are great;
    João e Daniel

  9. For us,
    the most important ideas are:

    -Do not include any personal information such as your last name, phone number or adress;

    -Think before you post.

    In our opinion, you should comment carfuly and friendly.

    Diogo and Jorge

  10. For us,
    the most importants ideas the videos talk about are.
    -do not include any personal information such as your last name, phone number or address;
    - tink before you post.
    Patrícia and Margarida

  11. Hello!
    For us the two most important tips are:
    -don't include any personal information such as your last name, phone number or adress;
    - write your own words;
    - make a connection.

    Maria & Catarina

  12. Well done class!
    I really enjoy your comments and I am sure you are going to follow all the blogging guidelines correctly!
    Good work!