100 Word Challenge

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be creative and make sure you think about your story before you start writing so that it makes sense!


  1. Last week, when I went to the cinema with my friends to see “Avatar II”, I dropped my mobile phone. In the darkness I tried to pick it up, but in my effort to find it I touch in something else, an unknown object, with a form of a small box with rounded corners and a strange texture, which the material felt like velvet.
    Because of the darkness, I couldn’t see what it was, so I kept it in my hand until the end of the film. When the film ended and the lights came on, I opened it and realized that it was a jewelry box, with one beautiful wedding request alliance.
    I looked around and I saw a young couple, just behind me, they appeared to be very in love, so I decided to open the box to them, immediately, he asked her in marriage and she says YES…

  2. What a gorgeous story and great use of the prompt! Well done.

  3. the pot is one war that the start for many us and don’t have one end and have very suffering and sadness. The legs are the people included in this war are often willing to help out bad and sad helpless. The pot this on top of a dark stone that can mean two things the size of the confusion or the colour is the same with war and how the future will be affecting many people without want. After people will have the results of this confusion by often bloody and have a winner and a loser. End today

  4. I believe that a new year is like a blank book that some of us can write with our own hard and hands.
    For 2017, I hope that all people apply the lessons of the past, in order to think forward, think global, believe in humankind, promote less disasters, less hate and increase generosity, solidarity and love.
    From the bottom of my heart, in 2017, I hope that the Syrian and the refugee’s crisis get solved and that all countries become united against climate change making the objectives of Paris Agreement successful, in order to promote a better future for the coming generations and an peaceful coexistence between man and nature.
    I’m a fourteen-year- old teenage, so for 2017 I hope to make a good transition from the Elementary school to the High school and to go on holiday to another European capital like Amsterdam or Dublin.

  5. As the weather changed, they....... WENT CRAZY!!!! With all these floods and droughts, my sister decided to go body-boarding, my parents are kayaking in the backyard. Grandma lives across the city and called us saying that she was skying with grandpa in front of her house!!! My cousins, which live about half an hour away from my home, are posting pictures of their backyard-summer-pool-party while I'm here freezing with my raincoat on the couch, looking through the window hoping it doesn't start raining inside. These sudden climate changes must stop!! And only we are capable of such.GO BIG, GO GREEN!!!

  6. The jungle used to be the perfect place for some animals: it was always hot and sunny. But, because of climate exchanges, it started getting too cold for the jungle. As the weather started changing, monkeys no longer had energy to play all day long and birds weren’t feeling happy enough to sing. The animals decided that they should ask for help, so they asked the nearest people to do something. Those people were helped by lots of other people reducing pollution, by doing things like walking instead of driving. And it slowly started working: in five years, the jungle was warm and happy again.

  7. John decides to make a romantic dinner for his girlfriend. He prepares the table and decorates it with candles and a bunch of mauves. He wants everything to come out perfect, so he starts by lighting the stove, puts his stainless steel pan on the stove. After putting all the ingredients in the pot, he remembered that he had forgotten the carrots and then went to the fridge to get the carrots but when opening the refrigerator door he doesn't notice that there are no carrots, as it was too late to go and buy carrots.
    John was tearful and took his girlfriend to have dinner out at a restaurant under his house.