Year 9

Teens & Technology

Technology plays an important part in our lives, teens' particularly!

Are you using technology wisely? Look at the following infographic and think about the advantages and disadvantages of technology! 

Then write a short comment on how you use technology in your everyday life!

Think about the way you relate to technology and how it affects your lifestyle.

Visit the blog Link up to English and watch the videos about the topic.

Extensive Reading

"3.14750ºN 101.69333ºE, A destination or a new beginning?"

During this school term, you have read the story "3.14750ºN 101.69333ºE, A destination or a new beginning?". 

Now it’s time for you to:
1. Think about how the story ends! The author gives you 3 different options for a perfect ending. What option have you chosen?
2. Write your own book review about it. You can get some inspiration on your coursebook. Don’t forget to mention your ending choice!
3. Do you remember where the plot takes place? Do a Google search and find out which place these coordinates correspond to: 3.14750ºN 101.69333ºE. 

4. Now that you have found it out, look for some inspiring photos about that place. You’ll discover great copyright-free photos on Sway, Compfight and Flicker. 
5. Use SWAY to make your book review presentation, along with the photos you have found out that shows the place related to the story. Introduce some relevant information about it in your presentation.
You must write at least 200 words.
6. If possible, work in pairs to present your work. To collaborate online click on AUTHORS and then share the link with your classmate.
7. To help you, view this TUTORIAL on the YouTube:

8. Have also a look at this SWAY presentation


These are your final SWAY presentations:


Your SWAY presentations are visually appealing and the majority of them have met all my requirements.

At the end, I guess you enjoyed reading this short story and I quite appreciated your research on Malaysia and on Pandawas Academy. You have used some inspiring photos about that country.

However, next time, I would like you to be more self conscious in using copyright-free photos! 

Overall - excellent work! 


How much do you like Music, Cinema, Books and other forms of Art?

Go to this Portuguese blog and have a look at the website "A Question of Art" !
It will help you to review this topic.

My favourite film

Everyone has a favourite movie! Pedro's favourite film is Indiana Jones. He has created this UtellStory presentation about it!


Go to this webpage and review the topics mentioned in class about school exchanges and studying abroad. Follow the steps explained there!

Then post your opinion about it!


  1. I would like to study abroad because studying abroad is an opportunity to develop our language skills and meet new people and cultures.

  2. In my opinion, studying abroad is one of the best ways to increase our language skills and we also live an unforgettable experience, so I'd like to study abroad.