Sunday, 30 October 2016

Celebrating Halloween

Do you know that people around the world celebrate Halloween on 31st October. It’s the night of black cats and spiders.

Children dress up in different costumes as ghosts, witches, bats, monsters, vampires or pirates. They knock on people’s doors and say “Trick or Treat!” 
They get candies and chocolate.

On Halloween people decorate their houses with pumpkins. Children carve spooky faces on a jack-o’-lantern”.

This is Halloween..... this is Halloween! Watch the trailer from the film The nightmare before Christmas, by Tim Burton.

Now have fun and let us know how you spent your Halloween night(mare) !!!


  1. hello Ms. Paiva
    I spent halloween trick or treating with my friends and got lots of candy. It is cool you are from Portugal my best friend is from there too. What did you do on halloween?

  2. Hello Elijah!

    I'm glad to know your best friend is from Portugal, too! Perhaps you'll visit our country one of these days!
    Here children dress up as ghosts or witches and trick or treat around their neighbourhood! In our school we had a big exhibition of brooms, pumpkins, vampires and spiders!
    We all had great fun!
    Maria José