Sunday, 16 October 2016


Every year on 16 October, bloggers around the world take part in Blog Action Day (BAD). Generally there is a theme to write about like poverty, pollution, raise your voice and so on. 

So they have suggested, write about something you are passionate about.
The special event here at the student blogging challenge will be:
Is there something in your town, state,  country, the world that you feel needs to be improved or changed?
  • It might be having ramps into all public buildings in your town to help the elderly in wheelchairs and using walking sticks.
  • It might be ways to stop plastics being sent into our oceans.
Think small, think big, think local, think global.
What can you as a student do to help make this change you would like seen?
Remember a great post will have:
  1. catchy title
  2. written in paragraphs
  3. include links to other web pages
  4. include visuals like images and videos
  5. be proofread carefully

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